Mathieu Young's Cambodia by Moonlight:

"The MOONLIGHT, a solar powered lantern, is built and was designed in collaboration with the rural Cambodians it is made to serve. Over 70% of the country has no access to the power grid, so as a result they have traditionally relied on kerosene lamps after dark for tasks like cooking, eating and reading. Those lamps pose a great fire risk, as most rural homes are built from wood and straw. The MOONLIGHT can be rented in rural areas for less than $.08/day, the same amount traditionally spent on kerosene. These photos were taken in villages around Kandal Province, near the Mekong River, the first area to adapt the MOONLIGHT for everyday use."

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Berlin-based EVOL usually transforms urban spaces into miniature cities but this time, he has installed a mini streetscape beneath the countryside of rural Hamburg, Germany, for the MS Dockville Arts and Music Festival.

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